Free NFT

Free NFT

Free NFT for every Web3/Blockchain developer beginner!
In this page, you can claim your exclusive TWG NFT for free! But instead of being deployed to the mainnet, this NFT is deployed to the Ethereum testnet (Rinkeby/RIN).
Here’s the reason: even though you can claim the NFT for free (0 ETH), you still need to pay the gas fee in order to be able to mint the NFT. However not all Web3/Blockchain development beginner already has ETH in their wallet. So, it's my token of appreciation for every Web3/Blockchain development beginner.
If you don’t have any ETH in your RIN wallet, you can request ETH using Rinkeby Faucet. Then you will be able to see your minted NFT in your OpenSea account.
Please wait for a moment if this page is still loading (minting page below), and then you’ll be able to mint your FREE TWG NFT!