How to Choose Between Ether.js and Web3.js

How to Choose Between Ether.js and Web3.js

Jun 14, 2022
Jun 14, 2022
When deciding between Ethers.js and Web3.js, there are a few points to consider.
Ethers.js is a more lightweight, developer-friendly library with robust documentation. While many early developers and veterans alike developed dApps via Ether.js, it is maintained by a few people, limiting the development of the library.
Web3.js has the most forks/commits and is the most-used Ethereum javascript library. While it is widely used as well, it lacks the breadth and depth of Ethers documentation and may not be the best fit for early Web3 developers.
Another alternative to Web3.js is Alchemy Web3, a fork with additional API methods, upgraded websocket support, and automatic retries already enabled allowing for easier developer adoption.