Smart Contract Features

Smart Contract Features

Jun 4, 2022
Smart Contract
Jun 4, 2022
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Some Smart Contract (SC) features (lang: Solidity) that I find they are important or interesting:
  • Whitelist should be done using SC, not just saving the addresses in the database (Web2 approach). [1]
  • SC can access another SC features, e.g. minting-SC can read the list of whitelisted address from whitelist-SC. [2]
  • SC can be paused if there is an emergency situation e.g. site broke down, leaked SC before pre release date, etc. [2]
  • (Under Ethereum) Creating an NFT? Use SC; Creating whitelist? Use SC; Creating a coin/token? Use SC [3]
  • We can reveal/unreveal NFT images (e.g. in OpenSea) using SC. [4]